24.09.2016 News & Thoughts

Leaving Home

✴ ✴ ✴

We've been running up mountains and crawling through seas
We had the sun in our faces and the wind in our backs
We've lost all our traces and walked off the map

Look at the sky, look at the moon - we'll keep moving on, they will be gone soon.

Did you remember
To bring all of your thoughts? Or did you leave them behind as a present to your past?

It might seem dull
To move through the mountains, but just lile the seas, they never cease to amaze.

And when we come back to where we started our travels; the light might seem changed and the colors might seem faded. But our fate was always to become bigger than we were
When we left from our far away homes.

The feeling in my stomache
It's so hard to tell
If I'm thirsty, or hungry or simply not well
But you're by my side and we'll ride through the storm
And come out the other side; reborn.

For it's in our nature to not gather dust
Explore; investigate
And in ourselves trust - that we will find answers behind the next tree

So come my friend
Come walking with me.