Paperman Chapter One


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Papersville was a lonely town. The trees surrounding the sleepy town created a tall and indefinable border that slowed the pace of everyone. It was a nice quiet and, sometimes, helplessly boring place to live. Papersville was a lonely town, and the wooden houses and the constantly working papermill made sure that no one ever forgot how the townsfolk of Papersville made their living. Everyone relied on the wood and the timber that the deep forest provided, and for this they were grateful.

Papersville was a lonely town, and its inhabitants were called 'papervillians'. It sounded a bit like paper-villains, which was a bit unfair, as every person in Papersville was friendly and good-hearted. No one ever felt completely alone in the lonely town of Papersville.

Oscar worked at the papermill and was well liked in the town. After all, he had lived there all his life, and people knew him as a friendly and good-hearted person. Everyone loved spending time with him, but Oscar loved to sit by himself for hours and hours. His favorite thing in the world was to sit and fold paper-animals. One thing Oscar loved more than being by himself though, was when a little girl or a little boy would knock on his door to visit him. Oscar would not give them candy or soda or plastic toys; he would give them each a cup of earl grey tea and a little paper animal; a little paper monkey or a little paper duck or any other animal that Oscar could imagine. And then he would tell them a little story about the little paper monkey or the little paper duck, and the children would laugh and take their animals home with them, and put them on their nightstands.

This was how it was with Oscar. But all over his house thousands and thousands of paperplanes were hanging from the walls and the ceiling. And if a child or a parent or anyone asked him why he made so many paperplanes, he smiled and said gently "Well, I just like them".

This is how it was with Oscar. But secretly, he wanted to see the world.

One night, when the wind was particularly strong and the night was especially bright and you could hear a whistle of the wind through the pine trees and not a single child could fall asleep, some of the children looked out their window and they saw a giant paperplane fly across the sky. And sitting on top of the paperplane was a little man with a brown suitcase. And falling from the paperplane were hundreds and thousands of small paper animals; elephants and monkeys and tigers and ducks and fishes and swans and horses and cats.


And the children laughed and the parents had tears in their eyes, for it was truly a beautiful sight. This was the last anyone ever saw of Oscar. This is how it was with him.

And ever since, if you look closely in the forest surrounding the quiet town of Papersville, you can find a paper animal and you can put it on your nightstand. And these paper animals became the treasure of Papersville, a town that was not so lonely anymore.