An Adventure Chapter One

An Adventure

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"Megan, I'm telling you! Lucas was just telling stories. There's no monster out by the lake!" Jake yelled after his little sister.
"But we can't be sure before we have a look!" Megan yelled back. She jumped over the little pond in the back of their garden. Jake made his irritated-noise an ran after her. They came through the bushes and went into the darker parts of the forest, while a deer looked confused at them from behind a tree.

"Megan, I promise you, there is nothing there!"
"I think there is something there, and I think it will be the most wonderful thing we have ever seen. Like. A faerie. Or a dragon!"
"Dragons don't live in lakes. They live on mountains. And also, they are dangerous. What are we going to do if it chases us?!"
"You don't have to come…" Megan stood at a steep hill and looked down. "But I'm going!" she ran down as fast as she could. Jake sighed and ran after her.

They quickly but carefully passed through the swamps. They passed through a mosquito swarm, ran through the field with all the cows, keeping a good eye on the bull at the other end of the field. Finally they arrived at the lake. It was a rather large lake, with muddy and very still water. Jake was started to get excited. He tried not to show it.

"Did you bring the gummy bears?" he asked.
Megan pulled out a bag of gummy bears from her jacket. Lucas had said that the lake creature loved gummy bears, especially the red ones. All they had to do, according to their friend, was finding a large, flat rock near the water's edge, and make a little pile of gummy bears. Jake was the first to find a suited rock. They made a neat little pile and Megan shook her head as Jake was about to eat a gummy bear himself. Not today.

Then they both went into the small forest surrounding the lake and waited. Jake took out his slingshot and put it down next to him, just in case anything dangerous happened. They waited. And waited. And waited. But nothing seemed to happen.

"Jake?" Megan whispered, "I think Lucas was lying." she sounded tired.
"Let's just wait a little while longer, okay?" Lucas said.
They both starred at the pile of gummy bears and the water's edge.

And the children just sat there, mouths and eyes wide open, as a large creature approached, not coming out of the water, as they had suspected after watching a film about the "Loch Ness Monster", but coming out of the forest, not far from where the two were sitting.

The creature looked like a bear, but it was way bigger, with grass growing on its back and small birds sitting on top of it.

It ate the gummy bears, not all at once, as they had suspected after watching a movie about dinosaurs. It gently lifted up each brightly colored gummy bear between its claws and chewed them slowly. After the last piece of candy had been eaten by this strange creature, it wandered off, back into the forest.

Jake and Megan sat for a while, not even daring to breathe. After what felt like hours, Megan slowly stood up, put a finger over her mouth and drew a cross over her heart with a finger. Jake nodded, and they silently went home.

The two never argued again, and even though they never spoke about the creature at the lake again, gummy bears would forever stay their favorite candy.